4 Pieces Advion Cockroach Gel Bait UAE Official Version 4 Tubes + 4 Plungers + 4 Tips

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Let’s introduce the high-consumption and advance formulated best cockroach gel Advion that targets all prevailing infestation of roaches including German roaches, American roaches, Oriental roaches, Asian roaches, Brown-banded roaches and smoky-brown ones. Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait is the combination of a high-bait matrix with a unique blend of non-repellent ingredients that deliver peerless results. This Advion cockroach killer gel is manufactured under strict instructions, and roaches cannot ignore the proprietary formulation of Advion cockroach gel Carrefour. The superior combination of active ingredient (Indoxacarb) with other ingredients opposes a superior killing strategy and makes it impossible for roaches to survive.

  • It contains 3 pieces.
  • Advion cockroach gel is safe for pets.
  • It has non-repellent 0.6% of Indoxacarb.
  • It kills all species of cockroaches.
  • It causes allergies to the hands.

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Are you worried because of prevailing infestation of roaches in your house? Do you want to make your house a hygienic place by eliminating nasty insects from your property? If you are also looking for cockroach pest control products, then you are landed on the right page. Advion Cockroach Killer gel bait is the high-performing cockroach gel pest control that targets all toughest infestation of roaches.


  • 6% Indoxacarb (Active Ingredient)
  • Other non-repellent ingredients

Features & Benefits of Advion Cockroach Gel Ajman

There are so many unique characteristics that make cockroach killer Advion gel best in the list of cockroach pest control products. Do you want to know more interesting features of Advion gel? Let’s dig in detail

  • Advion Syngenta Cockroach Killer Gel Bait comes up with a protective shielding effect.
  • This high-potency cockroach killer Advion is formulated to use indoor and outdoor.
  • Advion gel contains 0.6% bio-active ingredient Indoxacarb.
  • Advion cockroach killer gel offers high-potency, speed and spectrum in a single package.
  • The package comes up with a tip, a plunger and a tube that is designed to reach difficult hidden places such as cracks & crevices.
  • This gel pest control product is safe for pets.
  • Advion cockroach killer gel targets all prevailing and toughest infestation of roaches.

Where to use Advion Cockroach Killer Gel?

Advion Syngenta cockroach killer gel bait is a high-potent proprietary formula that is suitable to use for both indoor and outdoor. Advion gel can be used in different environments and several temperature conditions such as

  • Residential, commercial and industrial areas
  • Restaurants, hotels, offices and hospitals
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Kitchen and food-handling areas
  • In the transportation industry (such as in the parts of ships, trains, buses, cars and airplane)

How to use this Advion gel pest control?

What do you think how much gel bait is required to bring down the maximum number of roaches? It might surprise you that you don’t need a spoonful of cockroach killer Advion gel to do this? A pea-size drop (approximately 0.5grams) is enough to eliminate large infestation. For enjoying the effective results, there are 2 ways to use Advion cockroach killer gel.

  1. Spread 1or 3 drops Advion cockroach gel Ajman across 10 linear feet for moderate infestation.
  2. Apply 3 top 5 drops across 10 linear feet for a heavy infestation of roaches

 Where to Buy & Advion Cockroach Gel Price

Unlike other gel pest control products, Advion Cockroach gel is available in UAE at a very reasonable price range. You can order this gel bait-inverse product online from pestcontrolshop.ae.


  • Store this gel pest control product away from the reach of kids and pets
  • Don’t touch your eyes with the hands you applied cockroach killer gel Advion
  • Wear gloves before using Advion cockroach killer gel


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